What are we going to?
We have big news to inform all you guys. 🥳
We're going to build a marketing platform using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to gathering tokens trending information from social media like Twitter, Facebook, but just focus on new tokens which are FOMO only.
Those tokens will display on our website with useful information summary such as release date, current price, holder, etc.
We have the next plan to accept other cryptos like BNB, ETH, or BTC for advertisements and use them to buy back $MLAB, For Burn, Marketing and Distribute to all holders.
In the long term, people will also know our platform automatically, Which means we can earn more money from advertising.
Hey!! HODLers Are you ready we're going to be Artificial Intelligence Robot + Business + Decentralized Finance Platform. 😎 💪
We will provide more information as soon as possible to prevent copying.
MLAB has been completely minted. Therefore, we want to increase the number of transactions so that more MLABs are burned, MLABs will have more value in the long run.
We will add more usecase later.
This one has to come first because we want free marketing. 🤣🤘
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