How to buy/sell
1.Download the Trust Wallet app (It compatible with both iOS and Android)
2.Tap Create a new wallet.
3.Checked and tap Continue.
4.Write down or copy your recovery phrase (We recommend writing on paper) then tap Continue.
5.Confirm your recovery phrase then tap Continue.
6.You will see the main wallet but if you using an iOS device you need to enable the in-app browser first.
7.Go to Safari then enter this URL trust://browser_enable then tap go
8.You should see the in-app Browser tab appear like magic 😎.
9.Tap Browser then enter this URL
10.Make sure your wallet already connects to PancakeSwap if you can't see the wallet address you need to tap Connect and choose TrustWallet
11.Tap Menu.
12.Tap Exchange.
13.Before swap the MLAB token you need to set a new slippage.
15.We recommend slippage of at least 11 or more.
16.Select MLAB token.
17.Enter MLAB token address -> 0xBC8595942033a5A7fE37ffCa7fAe5179e399076D then tap swap.
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